London Dock

We created a series of high end interior images to showcase the Penthouse at London Dock. Working with St George and interior designers 1508, Assembly produced a number of marketing images to show the luxury interiors and stunning views.

Continuing our work on the London Dock development with St George, we were asked to produce a couple of short animations to help market the 2 bed and 3 bed apartments.



  • Architectural Visualisation

    Architectural Visualisation

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    Verified Views

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    Product Visualisation

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    Advertising Imagery

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Our Image team is all about the detail. Meticulous to the pixel, our chief aim is to ensure that every finished image gets asked the question: ‘is that a photograph?’ We have the expertise to visualise anything for our clients - from a cityscape to a beer bottle - and have brought to life some of the most prestigious architectural developments in the world.

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    Property Showreel

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    Interactive Models