Back to the office

Back to normal?

How will the office market fair in a post pandemic world?

With Apple committing to three days back in the office, the FT forecasting a showdown between workers who want flexible work and employers who don’t, and Facebook claiming that remote work “is the future” – it’s fair to say that transition back to office life comes with mixed views and will be a rocky path for many to navigate.

The Post-Pandemic Office

Shaun Simons, founder at Compton explains why the office will not only survive but thrive in a post-pandemic world.

Finding the balance for London's top design studios

A closer look by Jason Bailey, founder of PLUG. at how studios are managing the balance of WFH and return to the office.

Winner of BCO best corporate workplace

Designed by JTP, our incredible HQ building has been recognised as a ‘sensational space that’s designed for its most important asset – its people’